US Faces PS3 Shortage

Sony Computer Entertainment America have warned the US market that retailers may face a shortage of PlayStation 3s as popularity grows. Recent NPD figures have been extremely positive for the 7th generation hardware despite the fact that the market as a whole has seen a decline.

The next few weeks will see one of the PlayStation’s busiest periods in terms of exclusive game releases as highly anticipated titles including Heavy Rain and God of War III prepare to launch.


Sony’s communication boss, Patrick Seybold, said:

We’re working very hard with our retail partners to meet consumer interest, but the demand is tremendously high for the PS3 and we expect tight inventory in the coming months…

There’s no word on whether or not this “tight inventory” will also effect other territories but looking on the positive side, it’s a clear sign that the PlayStation 3 is starting to gain an even larger portion of the market with well over 30 million units sold worldwide. It’s still well behind the Wii but the difference between the 360’s and the PS3’s worldwide numbers is decreasing.