Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 21

Busy old week this week, lots of things happening with Adarakion to tell you about. Ok, firstly Liam is back! Wahay! We are now a 2 developer… erm, developer again which is truly great news for us and me personally. It’s good to have someone to bounce ideas off and learn from (and vice versa too) and it hopefully means that our projects can now progress at twice the speed!

I dropped a hint to the second thing I was going to tell you about in that last paragraph too, we have a second project we are now working on. It’s in the very early stages of development so no information yet, however it’s something totally different to Project Blast! and something that I am hoping we can put together quite quickly and get “out there”.  This project was Liam’s idea so muchos kudos to him for coming up with it (the game is straight forward enough in concept, but one of those games that grab  hold of you and don’t let go)  I’m hoping to reveal more about that soon.

The third thing to tell you about this week is that Adarakion will be represented at the Games Developer Quiz which is taking place 4th March in London.  I received an invite from my course providers (Train2Game) and I’m led to believe I will be in a team of 5 competing against other games studios – details sketchy at present but expect more on that once we have won it. Erm, once I’ve competed and thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

So yeah, loads of exciting stuff happening at the moment. Turning to code work I’m now fully coding at my work PC which is GREAT. It means I’m able to dip in and out as my workload dictates and knock up various bits and pieces.  Now we have something of a portfolio of projects I figured that Adarakion needed a nice splash screen – something that would immediately make people think of us. Took a little thought but what I have produced I am quite impressed with (even if I DO say so myself). It’s simple yet effective.  Once I have added the sound and polish Ill let you guys have a look for feedback!  Not really a game, but something that we can tag on to all our games and projects as they develop.

Blast! is still going through its port, but having the extra time to “dabble” is actually really paying dividends now. It’s meaning that I can get a really good framework and code base for all our projects which I hope will mean that work can progress more efficiently and effectively.  My confidence in C++ is still growing. I actually surprised myself the other day by coding the intro sequence without really batting an eyelid. I had a few issues with file paths which I managed to resolve, but I seemed to speed through 90% of the code without really giving it much thought – a very positive sign in my book, and compile errors now seem a lot rarer than before (and when they do occur I seem to be able to isolate the problem a lot quicker than previously).  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go before I’m able to code the next AAA title single-handed, however I definitely feel like my level has increased (one for all you RPGers out there)!

Liam has also introduced me to a lovely little program/website called logmein.  It effectively enables me to “take control” of my PC at home via a web browser at work and either code directly there, or upload files, emails and the like.  Just makes my whole network easier to access and administer.   It effectively means that if I want/need to I can code at home, at work!  Get your head around that if you can!  Of course, it relies on 2 things:

1. Me remembering to turn my PC on at home and

2. My internet connection holding out for longer than 10 minutes!

… So it gets used very rarely!  But the theory is really good!

I feel like this week has gone from 0-60 in all of 2 seconds, from a slow couple of weeks to a week where an awful lot seems to have transpired. Hopefully by this time next week Ill have some more goodies to show/share with you all, so until then be excellent to each other!