Sky’s 3D Service To Target Gamers

Sky’s adoption of 3D technology has been fast and aggressive but they could be looking to gamers to gain an early foothold in a market which will no doubt become very important before the year is out.

During a Sky-sponsored BAFTA event, quizzed Stuart Murphy about whether or not the company would be targeting gamers as early adopters of 3D. The director of programming for Sky 1 HD, Sky 1, Sky 2 and Sky 3 responded by saying that they would be keen on working “super-closely with the games industry”. No plans or strategy have been made as yet.


But, if Sky are looking to the games industry, it’s not hard to guess which console might be their preferred platform. With Sky Player on the Xbox 360 and with Microsoft claiming that their hardware is already able to support 3D gaming, could Sky’s 3DTV service be rolled out onto the 360?

Sony haven’t been quiet on their plans for 3D gaming with a massive drive to support the new technology starting this year.

3DTV and 3D gaming seems to have split people’s opinions but one thing remains – you will need a 3D-supporting TV to gain any benefit.