thatgamecompany’s Flower Is Now Out For iPhone And iPad

Despite the recent announcement of Sky, thatgamecompany’s next game that will be coming first to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, I’d never expected their previous games to jump ship from Sony’s platforms. The release of Flower on iPad and iPhone yesterday defied that expectation.

Flower was the second of a three game exclusivity deal between thatgamecompany and Sony, sandwiched between Flow and Journey, all of which first released on PlayStation 3. It would seem that this exclusivity has now expired, and it’s notable that it has now been more than five years since Journey first released on PS3. We’ll have to wait and see, but I now wouldn’t be terribly surprised if that game also made the leap to mobile or other platforms.


For now, you can grab Flower and play it on your Apple phone or tablet for $4.99/£4.99 – for some reason, it’s been published by “Annapurna Interactive” and not TGC, so don’t worry if you see this mysterious company name.

via AppleInsider

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  1. Excellent, i’ve always thought it was a shame that their wonderfully unique games couldn’t reach a wider audience due to the PS exclusivity deal.

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