Thatgamecompany Announce Sky For iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Well that’s a bit of a surprise. thatgamecompany have been somewhat quiet after the huge success of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 classic – Journey. Now we know they’ve been very hard at work on their next title – Sky. What may surprise you though is where you’ll be able to play it.


Demonstrated for the first time during Apple’s conference earlier today, showing off the power of the newly announced Apple TV 4K, the gameplay is single touch orientated, making it seemingly a perfect fit for the platform. The idea is that you and up to seven other players online explore the land to bring light to darkness, as well as fly around after giant creatures.

It’s eerily similar in aesthetic to Journey, only lacking in scarves and abundant in capes. There’s no word as to when this is coming out, other than “soon”, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more. It’s a bit of a shame that is a mobile exclusive, but the boundaries are getting blurrier by the second and this is testament to that.




  1. Are they joking? Sky took Hello games to court for the name of NMS, and now someone names a game Sky. Asking for it aren’t they?

    • That’s exactly what I thought. And it’s for Apple TV too, so even more reason to sue (in their minds) than there was for No man’s sky!

  2. Oh good, Journey 2. Meh.

    • There was a period of about two years where that game got praised somewhere in an article on this site every week. Surprised you don’t like it!

      • That was Alex, he bloody loved it. I have always thought it was rubbish. Pretty, but rubbish.

      • No, it looked and sounded great but had a 50% chance of being rubbish. It all depended on who you ended up playing with.

        If you got lucky, it turned into something special, somehow. Helping some random stranger you can barely interact with. Every time I’ve played it (and I’ve played through the whole thing a few times), it’s just worked. But if you ended up with someone that just ran off ahead, it might be a bit crap.

        Also, I’m fairly sure it’s Stephen King’s The Dark Tower books condensed down from 7 books to a couple of hours of walking.

  3. Nothing wrong with a sequel, it looks bloody gorgeous, but they got the title wrong, shouldn’t it have been Journeyer?

  4. It looks gorgeous, they should do well on that platform but single touch control doesn’t sound very engaging, which is probably why it’s not releasing on an actual gaming platform. Who me? Bitter? Never! ;-)

  5. And from their Twitter…

    “Sky is a multi-platform game about giving, first coming to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV”

    So a timed exclusive then. Not quite as annoying as those sorts of deals are, really. If people want to pay lots for Apple’s overpriced stuff and Apple want to give a big sack of that money to some small developer, the rest of us get something nice in the end.

    • Dammit why didn’t somebody post that information earlier – all is forgiven thatgamecompany :P

      • Presumably everyone that knew was trying to make the most of the tiny window between “announce exclusive” and “outrage too great – must admit it’s only timed”.

        That tiny window being about as long as it takes to read an announcement and post something on the internet to say why it’s bad. Give it another year or two and the announcement of something only being a timed exclusive will come 3 weeks before the game itself is announced.

  6. To be fair they even say in the YouTube comments that it’s a timed exclusive.

    • That would involve looking at YouTube comments though.

      Which is not something to be encouraged, being a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

      Sorry, been playing that Star Trek game again this week ;)

    • Youtube is blocked at my workplace. :)

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