Thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light can now be downloaded on iOS devices

Thatgamecompany has finally released its latest game with the free to play title Sky: Children of the Light now available on iOS devices. in Sky: Children of the Light players can explore seven different realms and meet up with different players. You can team up with these players to explore the worlds of Sky where spirits need saving and treasures need finding. The world of Sky will continue to grow with new locations and seasonal events to take part in.


While the game is only available on iOS at the moment, specifically those that run  iOS 9.0 or later, Sky is slated to be released on Android, PC and consoles in the future. While the game is free to play there are microtransactions present with the prices listed on the US iOS store as follows:



  • Starter Pack$4.99
  • Bundle 1$0.99
  • Winter Musician Pack$19.99
  • Bundle 5$4.99
  • Bundle 10$9.99
  • Bundle 20$19.99
  • Bundle 50$49.99

It is unclear how big of a requirement these microtransactions are to make decent progress in the game. You could liken Sky to thatgamecompany’s Journey and there appear to be some similar stylistic choices to that huge hit. Whether Sky will have the same impact remains to be seen. You can download Sky through the App Store on iOS.

Source: Apple Store

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  1. [email protected] microtransaction/bundle prices. Will you guys be reviewing it? Doesn’t seem as uniquely original as their previous work but i’ve enjoyed all of those so if it makes it to console as a once-off purchase i might check it out.

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