Midway Games Vanish From XBLA

The few Midway arcade classics that were safely nestled within the warm bosom of the Xbox Live Arcade have vanished.  Retro hits such as Mortal Kombat 3, Defender, Gauntlet, Paperboy and Smash TV were a mainstay of the early days of XBLA, but have been pulled unceremoniously from the service.

Chances are that Midway’s titles will be the first to hit Game Room, then, Microsoft’s cool new retro arcade where you can mingle with other Avatars and play some old school games.  Either that or the various licensing issues attributed to a company that no longer exists has meant the removal of the library, never to be seen again.


Assuming it’s the former, be happy and read more about Game Room with Peter’s hands-on from X10, here.