New LBP Beta Codes In The Wild

TSA regular jimmy-google has alerted us to a new wave of LittleBigPlanet betas, which are seemingly being sent out now. The latest beta covers “forthcoming game improvements” and started a couple of days ago, so if you get the code in your inbox you’re good to go.

Apparently the beta will run in weekly chunks, with a “brief gap” between sessions so that the Media Molecule guys can iron out any issues that arise. Testers are to expect continuous revisions of the software, which will need downloading when updated.


As a reward, testers will get a Beta Test Vest for their Sackboy, and if you go “above and beyond” the call of duty as a tester you can also bag yourself a “Beta Bug Blaster Hazmat costume.” Let us know what the beta’s like if anyone gets the invite.