Hellion Developer Diary Launched

Earlier this year we got our first peak at Hellion – Mystery of the Inquisition, an epic journey through different medieval cultures full of real-life characters, wild animals, rough warriors, powerful Templar knights, deadly assassins and, ultimately, horrifying demons.

Flying Fish Works have launched the first of their developer diaries as they chart their progress from the early days through to launch later this year. The diaries continues: “It is the brutality we want to emphasize the most, for it best portrays the difference between medieval times and the present day. Eight hundred years ago, when the story of Hellion takes place, most basic humanistic ideas were not even invented. Talking about human rights, democracy or tolerance was more than science fiction, they simply did not exist. Human life meant nothing unless you were a noble man – death, suffering and brutality were ever-present.”


“What we want to achieve with Hellion is not to simply present the dark ages, but also to put the player in the very centre of this evil, brutal world, to make him become a part of it, to make him hear and see what the people of the middle ages heard and saw. But what is important is that we also wanted to achieve the sort of inter-cultural shock you would probably experience if transported straight to medieval times. This is partly the reason why we have decided to create Hellion as a first person perspective game. Playing in fpp makes you and your in-game character one, you can feel what your character feels, for you are the same person and you´re watching the world through the same pair of eyes. And so, becoming Godric of Glastonbury will enable you to share all of his dilemmas, hopes or anger.”

Below you can check out the only footage in existence so far, taken from an early developer build designed to show the sword fighting mechanic all the way back from last June.