Adarakion Developer Diary: Issue 22

Welcome back dear reader. The last week has been quite a productive one for us. The port of Project Blast! is coming along quite nicely – albeit still very slowly.  I think I underestimated the sheer volume of stuff I had coded in Blitz. I’m probably getting close to being half way completed now – but I’m already wincing at some of the design decisions I made early on which are now manifesting themselves as I undertake the port.  Not so much game design, but the way in which the code was organised (or, perhaps more accurately “not” organised) is causing me a few headaches.  Nothing I can’t sort out and get over – but headaches nonetheless.

Project number 2 is coming along quite nicely – we have a working example now, however it still requires a good amount of work before we are happy with it.  It’s hard to be more specific than that at this stage, however needless to say as this will likely be our first “release” we want it to have the right sort of impact/effect.

Those of you who follow me/us on twitter will be aware that I met with our music guru last week – that guy is a genius in his own… erm… studio.  He has already knocked up some great little jingles and also some nice main menu music for Project Blast!  He has been fully briefed on Project 2 and what we are after in terms of music/effects there and I have no doubt at all that he will do us proud!

I’ve also been working on the “Adarakion” intro sequence that will play on all our titles – you know the “presents” splash screens that all games have.  I’ve got a very rough story board worked out which Phil is currently revamping to make it more visually impressive.  If you are interested – search for Adarakion on Youtube and you will see it – there are 2 drafts there, draft 2 is the one you want!  I’ll upload Phil’s much better attempt once that is completed but you will get the general idea from the draft video.  The sequence has been coded in C++ – I keep banging on about that, but the reason I do is because I feel like I’ve come a long way since issue 1 here – certainly on the C++ front.  The final edition is being written in flash, and I’ll just tag in the “video” to the code when it is ready.

I’m also starting to have thoughts about other projects Id like to be involved in, in the future.  It’s strange – almost like a cork has been pulled from the creativity part of my brain, and stuff is pouring out at the moment – and some of it is VERY weird!  An avenue I really want to explore is 3D.  The Blitz SDK has some great 3D functions I need to learn and mess around with, and I’ve also downloaded (albeit not touched yet) the free UDK engine.  I’m a big fan of the 2.5D games out there such as Shadow Complex, LittleBigPlanet etc.  I really like the style and feel of these games but as with everything there is a learning curve involved.  It’s not just the code side of things either – it’s all the artwork and assets that would be required in any of my larger project ideas.  Phil is a great artist but is only one man (and one man with a full time job at that) so if I’m going to embark of some of my ideas, I need a very good idea of the assets I’d require… which means planning…. which goes against the grain somewhat, but hey, if I’m serious about this, then I ought to do it properly, right?  I need to dig out some of my rough paper ideas and elaborate on them somewhat in order for me to go about producing them in the right way.  To that end, an email has been sent to Chris to “get his designer on” and produce something that we can all work to.

So all in all I feel I’ve had a pretty productive week – I’m still really looking forward to the Game Developer quiz night next week too.  I’ve learned that some cracking developers will be there – RockSteady, Splash Damage, Firefly, Adarakion – who’d of thought it eh?