Xbox Live Marketplace Content For March

March, the month of big releases. Not only are both consoles getting some outstanding games but Major Nelson has also given us the heads up for this month’s Xbox Live Marketplace content. And, boy does it look good.

One thing Microsoft do extremely well is promotions and March is no different. Block Party will be gracing your NXE and with it comes a host of excellent titles, which you can read about in Peter’s hands on. Just give the links a little click.


The games included in Block Party will not only bring you endless hours of Xbox fun, but if you purchase all three, you can secure yourself an extra 400 MSP, which you could then use on some nostalgic treats in Game Room. Plus, Gold members who buy all three games will receive one month free Xbox Live as a thank you. Great.

Read on to see what else will be available next month.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:

  • March 1: Gears of War Avatar COG Armor (240 MSP) and Helmet (80 MSP)
  • March 8: Call of Duty: World at War: Map Pack Bundle (1600 MSP)

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:

  • March 2: Fallout 3 in North America and Asia (except Japan, Korea and India)
  • March 2: Street Fighter IV in Europe, Australia and New Zealand

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

The Block Party promotion schedule is:

  • March 3: Toy Soldiers (1200 MSP) (hands on)
  • March 10: Scrap Metal (1200 MSP) (hands on)
  • March 17: Perfect Dark (800 MSP) (hands on)
  • March 24: Game Room – Free to download. Individual games will cost 240 to 400 MSP (impressions)

Xbox Avatar Marketplace:

Collections added:

  • March 2: Street Fighter IV
  • March 4: Major League Baseball 2K10

Xbox Game Add-Ons:

  • Feb 23: Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Hoth Bonus Level (800 MSP)
  • Feb 25: FIFA 10: Ultimate Team Game Add-on (400 MSP)
  • March 2: Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape Episode (400 MSP)