Lunchtime Discussion: HD Remix

Re-releases and ‘updates’ seem to be all the rage these days. The growth of the online stores this generation seems to have fuelled a lot of the re-releases, there’s no need to try and justify a disk based release of a tiny game any more. HD seems to be a big factor as well, apparently re-doing the art for a game in HD makes all the difference. Sure…

Now I want to be clear here, this discussion is not the same as the ‘what games need sequels’ one I posted a while back. We’re talking about re-releases, updates and re-imaginings here, not just a plain old sequel. Want to talk about how Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was awesome and had a ridiculous name, then that’s fine. That doesn’t mean talk about Street Fighter IV, that was just a sequel.

I don’t know why so much of this has appeared this generation, maybe the distance from old games has got significant enough for nostalgia to set in. I’m not quite sure how well some of it works though, the HD version of Bionic Command was pretty awesome, on the other hand the re-imagining of Bionic Commando didn’t exactly light the world on fire. So do we need or want re-imaginings? The 2006 version of Sonic The Hedgehog was simply terrible, and seems to have been an effort to re-imagine or reboot the series. Of course Sonic isn’t the best example, Sega have been driving that franchise into the ground for years.


So what do you prefer? HD updates of a title, or a complete re-imagining of an old title? Should nostalgia titles just be left well enough alone?

Thanks to Daywalker for suggesting this topic. Have your own idea? Why not suggest it?