Lunchtime Discussion: The Lost Sequel

Who remembers GoldenEye? I do. You know why I remember it? Because it was awesome. One question though, where the hell was the sequel? I’m not one for milking a series to hell and back, but one measly sequel? Come on. I know there were other issues, such as EA buying up the James Bond license, but surely they could have worked something out with Rare.

Yes today’s lunchtime discussion is on titles that need a sequel. GoldenEye was the most obvious one the jumped to my mind, but there are plenty of other games that need a sequel or series that deserve another entry. Like SSX. What is with the lack of SSX love this generation. Sure the Wii got a version, but that was three years ago now. The last time Sony or Microsoft saw an SSX game was in 2005. 2005! Do you know what I was going in 2005? No, neither do I, I was drunk a lot. That’s beside the point though, why has there been no love on the SSX front in five years for those of us who don’t want to buy the Wii? Come on EA, get on the ball. And whilst you’re at it make another Road Rash.

That’s right, bring back Road Rash. Sure it’s been five years since the last SSX game, but the last Road Rash on a home console was the N64 version in 1999! That’s sheer insanity.


That’s enough of my craziness, mostly because if I write about how they should make a Syphon Filter not for the PSP then it will go on for pages and pages. What game do you want to see get some love? What series is lying dusty in some publishers vault, instead of seeing the light of day?

Note: I was going to write about Oddworld, but apparently one is in production. Awesome.