Microsoft Offer House Party Bundle

Next month marks the start of Xbox LIVE’s House Party season, with games specifically aimed at beating those winter blues.  The trio of upcoming titles includes Toy Soldiers, Scrap Metal and Perfect Dark, with the Avatar powered retro rivival Game Room bringing everything together.

Microsoft have let TheSixthAxis know that if you buy all three of the main games listed above (and download the free Game Room app) they’ll refund you 400 Microsoft Points, and if you’re a Gold member you’ll get an extra month of Xbox Live Gold membership thrown in too.


In addition, from March 26th to March 29th all the House Party games will be available to play online for Silver members too, meaning Perfect Dark fans will be able to get in on the multiplayer action without having to pay the usual fees to be a Gold member – the perfect way to play the game as it was intended.

Toy Soldiers is out March 3rd (for 1200 Points), Scrap Metal the 10th (1200 again) and Perfect Dark the week after, on the 17th (just 800 Points).  Game Room itself is free, but the games will be priced at between 240 and 400 Points each, or 40 Points for a single go at a game.  Look out for fresh new Avatar clothing and accessories too.