Resident Evil 5 Alt Edition Is Japanese Hit

Media Create have revealed sales figures for last week in Japan, and it seems that the Japanese are buying up the Resident Evil 5 Alt Edition by the bucketload, with 143,339 units being shifted from the 15th to 21st February.

The most popular game outside of Resident Evil was God Eater for PSP, which took second place by shifting 64,192 units and with Monster Hunter Portable still selling strong it seems the PSP is continuing to go from strength to strength in Japan.


Elsewhere on the list, Heavy Rain has managed to make a splash, not only by appearing in the top ten but by selling 26,775 copies, which may even increase more as Sony’s marketing campaign kicks in to overdrive. The chart shows that Heavy Rain even managed to outsell Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Edition, which is a very popular title in Japan.

You can view the full Media Create Chart here.