New ‘Grid’ DLC & Platinum Edition

Codemasters are joining the war against pre-owned games by adding DLC enticements with the launch of ‘Race Driver: Grid Reloaded’, the PS3 Platinum version of GRID. Due for release11th March the game will include the previously available ‘8 Ball’ DLC and the new ‘Prestige Pack’ that includes the Australian Bathurst circuit and ten brand new cars including a bunch of Ferraris. Is it ‘National Ferrari DLC’ month? Need for Speed Shift got some recently as did, er, Ferrari Challenge.

The game will retail at the slightly-pricier-than-budget £24.99 and the ‘Prestige Pack’ will also launch on the PSN the same week for £7.99. An Xbox version of the pack will follow as well as compilation pack of Grid and the original ‘Colin McCrae: Dirt’, yours for the princely sum of £29.99.

Source: MCV