Blur Free For Xbox Live Silver Users?

According to a report by MTV, Activision and Bizarre Creations will be allowing Xbox Live Silver account holders to compete with one another as well as allowing  Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users to challenge each other via Twitter.

This is a bold move from the developers, for one Xbox Gold members may not be too happy about one for their privelages being given away for free like that, however on the positive side the linking of PS3 and Xbox 360 users can only be a good thing.


Speaking regarding the linking of both machines, he said Bizarre thought of ways for “Blur” players to issue challenges and responses to friends that doesn’t require any two players to have XBL Gold accounts or the same brand of console.

A lot of us have kids and family and stuff, but we’re finding that as we’re getting older we’re just not able to get everyone together to play at the same time,” lead designer Gareth Wilson told MTV News.

I’ve got a friend from university who lives in Australia, and I can’t play with him, because he’s available at night time when I’m sleeping,” Wilson said. “So the Friends Challenge thing was really, ‘How do we get people together to play who might not be able to.”

The developer did give MTV an example of how this would work saying,

In the single player mode when you finish a race, it records all of your stats and information, you can choose what you want to put into your challenge and send it to your buddy. He receives that as an Xbox Dashboard message, so he could be playing another game, he could be watching TV on Netflix.

All this means is that since there is no matchmaking involved then only a Silver account is required. This is similar in the case of  Twitter although it does require an Internet connection.

With the Twitter integration, the one thing we didn’t want was for it to be this horrible, spammy thing, the main reason for having it is so that people on different formats can compete with each other.

It does all sound quite clever and it could help make this game stand apart from its rivals, though you have to wonder what Microsoft and Sony would make of it though.