Blur PS3 Is A Port Of XBox Version

In an interview with Develop-Online the project leader for Blur, Jed Talbot, has revealed that the PS3 version is a port of the Xbox 360 version rather than being developed simultaneously on the same engine. After confirming the 360 is the lead platform Jed went on to say,

“The PS3 port is coming on quite well…we’ve got all the technical guys creaming over the PS3, and they’re saying that both versions work as well as each other.”


Blur was originally scheduled for release last November the game now lands in the shops at the end of May. The development team have spent the extra time ‘editing’ the game.

“We’ve taken a long hard look at the graphical side of the game, as well as the environments. There’s a lot about the environments that we wanted to tweak here and there. We wanted to make the game look nicer, look brighter, look more fun to be in.”

“[Post Production] feels like what Blur’s had. We basically put the game on the editing floor, and some bits have changed.”