Rocket Racing Detailed

Halfbrick Studios are at it again, the studio which seems to churn quality titles out faster than anyone else has today revealed that they will be releasing Rocket Racing for PSP and PS3 Minis in Europe on 11th March.

Rocket Racing is a brand new game which the developer have made from the ground up, it will combine high speed futuristic racing with classic top-down gameplay, which seems to be a  perfect fit for minis. The developer has also revealed that they have designed each track with a unique twist as they are suspended high in the air above the clouds and cityscapes to give players a light and almost surreal feeling as they drift around the courses on offer.


The game will include a few different modes of play, although the main one is Challenge mode which gives players a number of tasks to complete over six different tiers. Once you have completed one challenge with its specific objectives, this will then unlock adjacent challenges along the tier allowing you to choose your own path to the final race.

The other mode of play is Grand Prix mode, this allows you to go head to head against opponents in a series of races over four difficulty levels, with various trophies to be awarded along the way. 

Finally the game also includes a Party Mode, allowing players to take turns setting and breaking each other’s score on the games various tracks. You can even customise the rules, allowing you to choose how to win.

It sounds like a fantastic little game and at only €4.99/£3.99 it is sure to be popular, especially when you consider what you are getting for your cash.