PS3 ‘Baby Boom’ Predicted

What did you do during the ApocalyPS3? Watch TV? Popped out for a game of Bingo? Baked a tasty Victoria sponge cake? If so you were in the minority according to a (somewhat dubious) survey.

MCV reports that in a poll of 2,400 male PS3 owners, 87 per cent of them chose to spend some “quality time” *nudge nudge wink wink* with their partners on the day their mistress (the PS3) dumped them.


A further 9% were extra caring and romantic and took their partners out to dinner that evening. The result, the report predicts, is a world wide PS3 “baby boom” this December when all the sons and daughters of the ApocalyPS3 will be born. 

250 TSA Points are up for grabs to the first TSA’er to name thair ApocalyPS3 baby ‘Lucifer’.