The Next Game-To-Movie Adaption Is…

Fox pictures have acquired movie rights for Missile Command, Universal are beavering away on Asteroids so it was only a matter of money time until the great grand daddy of gaming got picked up for a twenty first century movie make over.

Warner Brothers are negotiating the movie rights for Space Invaders from Taito with Mark Gordon, Jason Blum and Guymon Casady as producers. Mark Gordon has previously produced ‘Saving Private Ryan and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ so Space Invaders stands a chance of being rather good and at least the plot device of invaders from space could make a good story unlike Asteroids ‘shoot rocks… shoot more rocks… erm shoot more rocks’.


As the LA Times points out, we now have three classic arcade games coming to the movies – how long before Pac-Man and Frogger hit the multiplexes?