Friday Fight #10

This week was going to be Kratos’ last week had he managed to survive but he seemingly met his match last week in the form of Heavenly Sword’s Nariko. Granted, most of you did vote for her due to the fact that she has breasts! It wasn’t a clear win, though, as Kratos lost by just one vote; 21 for Nariko, 20 for Kratos.

So, with Nariko now the champion, Friday Fight opens itself to a cat fight. NARIKO VS. LARA CROFT.


Nariko’s Pros:

  • Has a 3-in-1 sword (probably from JML)
  • Quick and agile
  • Can pick up objects and throw them at her foes
  • Brutal finishing moves including using enemies as a skateboard 
  • Great at Fung Shui

Lara’s Pros:

  • Good with guns
  • Agile and acrobatic
  • Minted
  • Deceptively strong
  • Good at puzzles (except The Guardian’s cryptic crossword because that’s too hard for anyone)

Nariko’s Cons:

  • No magic skills
  • Unable to jump (an old knee injury, perhaps?)
  • Ridiculously long hair which could get caught in doors etc

Lara’s Cons:

  • Runs funny
  • Annoyingly posh English accent
  • Not much of an animal lover