Vanquish Multiplayer Non Existent

Platinum Games have revealed to Eurogamer that Vanquish, their new third-person shooter, won’t feature any multiplayer modes.

The company made this announcement during a recent press event in Tokyo, with Shinji Mikami explaining the decision to have single-player only gameplay,


Vanquish is very intense, full of action. There are just so many things going on, when you take that into a multiplayer environment, then you have to realistically consider shaving a lot of things off and putting them into your multiplayer environment.

He went on to explain this decision further, in terms of how they don’t want to be like everyone else, or worse,

It kind of boils down to whether you have the multiplayer but you don’t have that much impact, and end up being like everyone else. Or even below par. So that’s the main reason we’re keeping Vanquish as a single-player experience – to deliver the level of impact, the level of detail and the visuals we want to offer.

So what do you think of this decision, is he right? We do have enough quality mutliplayer games to keep us going for quite some time after all.