TC’s Massive Poll: Children & Games

In 2003 most of Europe got together and created PEGI, the Pan-European Game Information age rating system, aimed at giving parents an idea of what to expect when they buy a game for their children. In the UK the British Board of Film Classification may also rate games that have certain sensitive themes. Legally, any game rated 15 or 18 cannot be bought by someone under that age.

This has not stopped a stream of stories in the news such as the one with “John”, aged 12, who started calling his teacher a “motherf*****” after he spent a weekend playing “50 Cent: Blood On The Sand.”

Who should be responsible for what John can play? Should the games industry reduce the output of violent games? Should the retailers – HMV, Game, Tesco – be more aware who they are selling games to and advise parents that titles are not for children? Perhaps you think it is the parents themselves who need to be more cautious? Or would you like to see the Politicians involved so they can create a full, legal games classification system rather than use the PEGI system?

This poll is multiple choice as you may feel the responsibility of more than one group. Get clicking!