Massive Poll Results: Week 7

Hello and welcome to this weeks Massive Poll Results Show, I’m Dale Winton* and once again the results show is a bit late, I do apologise I was strapped up in a dungeon all weekend in a gimp suit and couldn’t move to host this show.

For this weeks poll we asked you who should take responsibility for what games children can play, a topic that proved to be timely with ITV Daytime host Alan Titchmarsh discussing the topic and our beloved Nofi getting rather annoyed about it.

I would like to point out that if you so seem a snap in the weeks ‘heat‘ magazine of Dale Winton and Alan Titchmarsh having lunch this has absolutely nothing to do with him discussing games and I certainly didn’t mention it to him. Glad we’ve got that cleared up, let’s have a look to those all important figures:

A landslide majority of 79% for those of you who think parents are ultimately responsible for what games their children play. TSA’er ‘DR-DAVROS’ had some sensible advice:  

“As a parent of a 5 and 2 year old I would play a game before allowing my son (5) to play it. Parents need to get actively involved and understand what dangers not just video games are out there in this modern world. Play the game before your child to review it yourself, start using other applications like IM and Facebook etc to understand them and the dangers they pose. It’s sometimes hard to say no to a child and they may go of in a temper tantrum\huff but they will be grateful for this when they reach an age when they can understand.”

At the other end of the scale only 1% of you though the gaming industry was to blame, CC-Star commenting: “The industry and retailers do a cracking job already of letting people know the content of games and labelling it as such.”

*Not really.