TC’s Massive Poll Results: Week 8

Hello and welcome to yet another Massive Poll Results show with me, Dale Winton*. Due to technical difficulties yesterday the show was postponed but now Nofi has put another 50p in the meter we’re ready to taste yet another delicious pie of the charting kind.

Last week we asked you about ‘Premium demos’ – a demo that you would pay for but in return get a longer enhanced experience. TC tells me he get lots of emails offering a longer enhanced experience for his Massive Poll but they go straight in the spam bin – what does TSA think? We asked, you clicked and here are the results!

Unsurprisingly the majority of readers felt nothing needs changing with 60% of you quite happy with the tasty nuggets of free game play that arrive via PSN and XBL each week. ‘CNWLshadow’ commented:

“Demos should most definitely be kept free, its how I decide if I want to part with my cash. If there isn’t a demo version of the game there’s a high chance I won’t purchase the full game. This goes for both blu-ray tiles and PSN.”

You will be pleased to know that a few hours after TC wrote up the Massive Poll, EA decided to clarify what ‘Premium Demos’ are and stated that the current model of free to play tasters will continue. Hurrah for EA! Kind of makes the poll slightly useless but you never know, some cash hungry publisher may be considering the idea so let’s press on.  

Second most popular but with only 19% of your votes was the recently patented ‘degradable demo’. TSA’er ‘Clank250’ liked this idea:

“Sony’s degradable demos are a great idea! I hate entering a demo, and there are only a couple of levels that you can play, and they are usually the first few and include a training level. If you have access to the full game then it would open up the trail experience and make you want more of the game.”

The remaining percent of voters we’re happy to splash the cash on premium demos but only 6% of you would pay outright, the remaining 15% wanting the demo price to act as a discount on the final product. Stay tuned for another Massive Poll!

*not really.