Skate 3 Demo (Officially) Dated

We’ve been here before, of course, but we’ve just had ‘proper’ confirmation from EA that there’s going to be a playable demo for the third in the Skate series, to be released next week.  The demo will give players a taste of the University District in the all-new skater’s paradise of Port Carverton, says the press release, and players will shred through a series of single and multiplayer challenges including Domination, Own the Lot, and the bone-crushing Hall of Meat.

In addition to the modes and challenges, players can learn the ropes or perfect their skills in the all-new Skate.School featuring Coach Frank. Gamers can also sample the all-new object dropper by using 24 different items to tweak and alter the University District to create a personalized demo experience. Once players have that perfect trick nailed, they can capture the moment with the in-game Replay Editor and upload footage of themselves with the Skate series’ immensely popular Skate.Reel.

Their words, not mine.  Well, the first few were.