Next Week On Rock Band

Next week’s tracks for Rock Band have been announced today, with new tracks coming from Serj Tankian, Smash Mouth, and also three singles from American hard rockers The Used.

I must be getting old because the only track I recognise out of the lot is All Star, by rockers Smash Mouth and it is a bit off a classic track having appeared in the movie Mystery Men (anyone remember that?) and also Shrek.

Rock Band Additions (available on Xbox 360 April 13th and PlayStation 3 April 15th)

• Serj Tankian – “Empty Walls”
• Serj Tankian – “Sky is Over” +
• Smash Mouth – “All Star” +
• The Used – “Blood on My Hands”
• The Used – “Born to Quit”
• The Used – “The Taste of Ink”