ESRB Breast Watch

This week’s trawl of the ERSB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) does not reveal any top secret projects or leaks but does serve as a handy guide for breasts. The first rating is for upcoming PS3 exclusive slash ’em up Blade Kitten. In one cut scene our heroine, Kit Ballard says “Check it out, see, totally not a man,” and points to her perfectly formed digital mammaries.

Next to come under breast investigation is ‘UFC Undisputed 2010’ in which “Ring girls with tight, short pants and oversized breasts that jiggle appear at the conclusion of every round.” That should please Japanese gamers.


Letting the side down by featuring non jiggling and mostly hidden breasts is probably the worst named game ever, ‘Record of Agarest War.’ The ESRB reports “The game depicts several female characters whose breasts are partially obscured by towels, hot-spring mist, bed sheets, and revealing costumes. The dialogue contains numerous “peeping” references, and brief innuendo about “strange foreplay.”

“In one cut scene, female characters in a hot spring discuss relationships, boyfriends, and compare each others’ bust sizes: “I wonder if Leo prefers them large,” “Yours will be just as large once you become an adult,” and “Large is better than small in any event.”

Those of you with a kinky side may like to check out ModNation Racers as “a character wears red underwear while dancing on the sports desk.” I’m sure there a fetish websites for that kind of thing.

Those of you who are real dirty perverts should quickly purchase ‘Disney Sing It: Family Hits’ as according to the ERSB “In some background videos, there are depictions of animals getting bonked.*”

Source: ERSB

*on the head.