Abridged Too Far – Twenty Two


There was once a frog called Frogger. Frogger was possibly the best-loved frog on the entire planet, even more so than Freddie as F.R.0.7. Frogger was frightfully fit and would fondly frequent the pond that his family had made their home.

One day, following a fiendishly fun frat party with his friend Frank, Frogger forgot where he lived and found himself far away on the frightening side of a freeway. There were fast four-wheeled vehicles filling the freeway and Frogger had a funny feeling that he would fall foul of the forbidding situation. The flattened frogs that filled his path were foreboding.

Frogger stood firm and fixed his attention on his family and finally decided to fight his fears with fervid determination. He jumped forward onto the freeway and followed a Fiat before fleeing into the second lane. He frantically frog-leaped past a Ferrari and found himself in the third lane. A Firebird was fast approaching and Frogger ran as fast as he could before spotting a gap between a Ford and a FedEx truck. He was flustered as he fell into the fourth lane and caught a fleeting glance of his family ahead of him.

This sent Frogger into a frenzied state but it’s here he made a fatal mistake. Far too much time was frittered away and Frogger’s fleshy frame flattened under the fat tyres of a fire truck.

Frogger’s family were unaware that Frogger had become fodder for flapping falcons flying above.