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I’m still looking for my iPod, and I’m now panicking. If you see a lonely iPod Touch crying on the street asking if you’ve seen his Daddy, I’m right here. So while I go for the final push on my epic hunting skills, Alec’s reviewed Rope ‘n’ Fly 2.

Rope ‘n’ Fly 2 / 59p

Rope ‘n’ Fly 2 is a game that can only be described as endless in origin. The idea of the game is to swing from building to building trying to get the greatest distance in a set amount of time and for the most part it does work well. To swing you need to tap on the building that you wish to use as an anchor and then tap again to break the line. This double tap system is actually the biggest problem for the game as the second tap does not actually shoot a second rope so you need to quickly tap again to fire a rope to continue your swing. That said, the actual functionality of the swing system does work well, the rope will attach to the point of the building that you tap on and you can vary the length of the rope to control your swing gain.

There are 12 different modes featured in Rope ‘n’ Fly 2, these are all very similar to each other but they include: distance, which is the endless game type where you just need to get as far as possible without falling to the ground. Another game type is limited ropes, here you have a set amount of ropes in which to use and you need to get the greatest distance using just those. As you can see the modes are all varieties on the same idea with nothing much between them except a few basic changes. The game has an in-built scoreboard which will track your best times as well as if you’re online it will place your score in the scheme of the internet community.

The game does include multiuser support so you can share it around and attempt to get the best score between your friends on the same ‘i’ product but it doesn’t really hold much water after the first couple of goes. It’s tied in with Openfeint, with 33 achievements to unlock (that is if you can bear to play that long) for users of that system.

Rope ‘n’ Fly 2 is just not as good as perhaps it should have been if some more thought had been put into it. I mean, sure it does come the closest from  anything on the ‘i’ brands have had to a standalone Spider-Man sim (sorry, had to get that reference in there somehow). But it just doesn’t hold you much after your first three or so goes, even if you use a different game mode it bores quickly. AH.