The Question Mark: Chapter 23

Otacon's secret is revealed.

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Quick Catchup

Back to Otacon and Snake now. The last time we saw them, Otacon told Snake he knew what was going on. So what will Snake find out? No time to waste, let’s get right back to the revelation.

Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, just click ‘All Chapters’ above.

Otacon’s Secret

… [Present time] …

Otacon stared Snake in the face.

“We’d better get moving. I’ll tell you as we move. I just want to be out of here.”

Snake grabbed Otacon’s shoulder, stopping him from walking further through the room.

“Tell me now.”

“Can we just keep moving? I really want to get out of here.”


“Get off me!”

Otacon ducked backwards out of Snake’s grip. It was forceful – a trait that Snake hadn’t seen before in the scientist. Otacon stood shaking in the cold. His hair fell in strands in front of his face. Sweat.

“Otacon, you’re sweating.”


“This is one of the coldest rooms in the entire complex.”

“Can we just go?”

“Otacon, there are hundreds of armed security cameras through the next room. Tell me what’s wrong with the Colonel.”

“They won’t fire if I’m next to you.”

Snake looked at Otacon closely. The scientist’s eye twitched slightly. It wasn’t the cold that was encouraging a reflex.

“Ok, ok. I just want to run ahead a few crates to check the coast is clear”.

Snake ran on the icy ground. Each step crushed down on loose grains of ice, kicking up a powdered snow behind him. He stopped two crates down and turned to watch Otacon follow. He was looking directly at David. He didn’t look around; his eyes and head were fixed. His face may have shown emotion, but his gaze did not change. One leg buckled ever so slightly on each step, and his arm looked out of place. Disjointed.


Otacon sighed in relief and looked around the room, ready to continue.

David took three steps towards the door before spinning round and slamming the base of his hand into the bottom of Otacon’s jaw. He fell back in shock, hitting the ground with a bleeding nose. David pulled him to his feet, grabbed his arms and pushed the man’s chest down into his knee. The winded man stumbled backwards. Snake ran around him and grabbed him in a neck-hold. Otacon was breathing heavily with fear.

“Who the hell are you and what the hell have you done to Otacon?!” Snake hammered in the man’s ear.

The suspect’s breathing slowed, and calmed down to a steady pattern. Warm blood from his nose dripped off his bruised chin and dissolved into the ice below, melting it into a thin slush of red water.

He laughed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Snake tightened his grip on the man’s neck.

“I swear, I swear I will break your neck if you don’t tell me now.”

The laughing stopped.
He spoke in a calm, mature voice. This was not the innocent, high-pitched voice of Otacon, but a deeper, monotone voice.

“If you want to see your friend again, alive, you will let go of me, and walk by my side through the next room to Metal Gear REX.”

Snake paused as his mind filled with his own questions. His eyes became fixated on the nothingness of metal in front of him. He had been had. This couldn’t be possible.

After a few moments, his released his grip on the man and stepped backwards.

“Thank you.” The man pinched his nose to stop the bleeding. The floor beneath showed a line of crimson.

“Shall we?”

The two men slowly walked out of Raven’s chamber and into view of the CCTV.

“You want answers, don’t you Snake?”
Otacon’s mouth moved, but it was not his words. Not his voice.

Snake remained quiet as they entered the waterfall room. The floor beneath them turned to a walkway above a great drop into the sewer below. A waterfall from a shadowed pipe filled one wall below with a vast green stain and blew cold air in the direction of the two men. Security cameras lined the perimeter of the raised walkway. Excessive. There were around forty cameras, each equipped with automatic weapons, each following the steps of the two men. They drowned out the splash of the water below with their unison whirring as each one turned slowly to track them.

David felt sick. Otacon was by his side, but this wasn’t Otacon.
Was this what Mei Ling had meant about the Colonel?

He tripped over himself in dizziness. The man beside him helped him up calmly.

“Come now, Snake. This is your destiny.”

Snake held onto the handrail. His knees were shaking. This was too much to take in, and he knew whatever would happen through the next room would be even worse.

“Who are you?” Snake asked.

“I am Otacon.”

Snake leapt onto the man, forcing him against the handrail. The man he had once known as his friend leant over the banister backwards. His feet left the ground. Snake pulled him back and slammed his fist into Otacon’s face. As the scientist cowered, Snake removed a gun hidden in the man’s back pocket. Otacon straightened up and coughed lightly.

“Put it down.” He spoke softly.

Snake pointed the gun at Otacon’s forehead. His hand dripped with sweat, while his left hand twitched mechanically.

“What is in that next room then? Hm?!”

“The next hanger contains Metal Gear REX. But you already know that, don’t you, Solid Snake?”

The cameras had stopped moving, and the sound of falling water had taken their place over the mechanical hums, adding to the empty awkwardness of the situation. Snake answered the man’s previous question.

“Yes I want answers.”

“And you shall have them. Follow me. The path to your answers is short now.”


Snake lowered the weapon. Part of him wanted to see the man die for betraying him. Another couldn’t. This was Otacon. This was his friend. Another part of him just wanted the answers to stream out of him, even if they weren’t the answers that he wanted.

David had already died. He had already come to terms with not needing to know any more. He had come to terms with the situation around him. But now, everything was different.

Otacon’s body walked forwards.

A card was waved over a sensor, before the door to REX’s hanger slid open.

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