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The Question Mark: Catchup

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Every week we’ve been posting chapters of ‘The Question Mark’, a fan fiction based on events that could have happened if the end of MGS4 were slightly different. The story is becoming extremely tense and exciting, with a mix between LOST and Spooks in terms of mystery and drama. We’re twenty one weeks and twenty one chapters through, and you may be feeling a little lost, or on edge whether to start reading so far in. Well fear not. We’ve compiled every single chapter into one line each for you to get a quick catchup before the next chapter hits this Sunday. Awesome.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story. This catchup contains massive spoilers to the story of ‘The Question Mark’ between chapters one and twenty one.

The Catchup

1. Snake actually kills himself at end of MGS4. Wakes up in the past on Shadow Moses.

2. Reliving past, Snake changes things by rescuing Meryl first. Kills fake DARPA Chief.

3. Snake confronts Liquid on codec. Snake, Ocelot, Ninja and Baker die in explosion.

4. Everyone still alive somehow? Snake shoots Liquid in the knee who was in the guise of Master Miller.

5. Snake kills Raven. Grabs the PSG-1.

6. Snake shoots Ninja with PSG-1. Ninja cries like baby.

7. Ninja runs away. Snake makes Otacon stay by his side.

8. Mantis makes Meryl shoot herself. Meryl dies.

9. Meryl is alive. Eh? Mantis flips out reading Snake’s past because it’s the future. Brain-dead.

10. Mantis left to commit suicide. Snake, Otacon and Meryl confronted by Wolf. Totally Epic.

11. Snake is unconscious. Hand shot. Meryl kills Wolf in catfight. Captured by guards.

12. Snake in torture chamber. Meryl in a large lift with Liquid. Everyone mysterious.

13. Snake tries breaking out of cell. Meryl climbs out of lift and up wires.

14. Raven appears and attacks Snake. Raven alive?! Otacon appears and feints. Raven leaves calmly. Weird.

15. Snake is told to continue to REX even though there is no nuclear threat.

16. Hind vs Otacon and Snake. Crashes. Mei Ling: “Colonel not the Colonel” on sub. She’s scared.

17. Nastasha is dead on sub. Body in pieces. Wolf’s body dropped in middle of field by who knows.

18. Nastasha and Mei Ling spoke about Colonel before Nastasha died.

19. Ninja gives Snake his hand. Snake one-ups to ROBOTIC HAND!

20. Nastasha told Mei Ling stuff about Colonel before she died. Naomi now says everything is ok on sub. Really?

21. Raven is murdered by something invisible. Otacon says he knows all the big answers.

22. Coming this Sunday.