The Question Mark: Chapter 8

Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. This chapter specifically contains detailed scenes of gore and peril.

If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, just select the chapter number you want to read below.




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Has it really been eight weeks since the start of this story? So it has. Best to continue then. It’s been getting very rough for Snake recently over the last few chapters, and things are only about to get worse. This is the chapter that created the disclaimer, so if you don’t like detailed gore, don’t read this. If you do, you’ll love this.


The Screaming Choir

Otacon was thrown into the lift. Snake slammed his fist against the aging controls and waited to reach the next floor. The doors slid open.

“You know where the women’s toilets are?”

Otacon nodded with a raised eyebrow.

“Go there now.”

The man ran out of the lift and turned a sharp left. Snake took a right, to find a urinating man in the gents. The genome soldier’s neck was slit, and blood trickled down the yellow-stained urinal. He fell to the grimy floor, lifeless. Snake washed his hands.

A scream. Otacon and Meryl had just met.

Hal fumbled around, tripping over disused toilet paper, stuttering his explanations and readjusting his glasses. Snake burst in.

“Snake! I…”

“Don’t worry, Otacon. Meryl, get changed.”

She replied with a squeaky, croaky voice, but nevertheless returned to the end cubicle. Clothes were thrown out of the open cubicle door, and Otacon readjusted himself, standing to the side of David. Both men looked on in awe.

Johnny’s trousers scratched the mirror, followed by the uniform jacket as Meryl’s garments flew through the air, watched by both men, and impacted on the reflective glass, dropping into the respectably clean sink. She stepped out.

Campbell’s daughter’s hair flowed beautifully in all directions. It explored the space around it with elegance and splendor. Despite the large amount of products used to keep its shape, her red hair was a sight for the gentlemen’s sore eyes. Meryl blushed from the on-look of the cavemen, her skin attempting to blend with her hair.

The woman took a pistol from her back pocket, and aimed it at Otacon. She spoke with authority.

“Are we done here?”

The dingy green lights flickered, and cut out. Otacon screamed in an unmanly fashion. The lights came back on, and the three looked suspiciously at each other. Meryl had lowered her weapon. The three then fell to the floor in reaction to the large mirrors shattering clean off the walls to their left. Fragments of glass spilled over the counter and sprayed across the dirty floor. Meryl ran back into her cubicle, but the door was lifted from its hinge, and thrown against the now-bare wall opposite. She stumbled out, quickly tugging on her own clothes.

“Otacon! Meryl! Get down now! Cover your ears!” Snake yelled at the top of his smokey voice as the sound of a disturbing choir filled the air around them.

The ground shook, tiles fell off walls, cubicles collapsed on themselves, and shards of glass danced across the floor. Snake struggled to keep stable, and the other two braced themselves against a corner wall, as Psycho Mantis smashed open the toilet entrance and flew directly at them.

Mantis rushed towards the two at incredible speed and vanished. A pulse was emmitted, vibrating the air around them, and Meryl was thrown half way into the air, and dropped. Her face slammed against the tiled floor, barely missing a shard of mirror glass. Her back straightened by itself, and she was forced upward, dribbling vomit from her mouth. Her hands locked vertically down, and she faced Otacon.

“Kiss me.”

The room was still vibrating, and the choir becoming forcefully louder. Otacon winced in reply to Meryl’s sudden urges.

“Otacon, get away from her!” Snake shouted, shaking on the rumbling floor. His muscles gave way, and he collapsed onto glass, piercing his suit at the knee.

Hal backed off, slipping in the watery sick on the tiled floor, but his body was lifted up, and thrown over the collapsed cubicles, landing in the second to furthest. He pulled himself up, but was forced down by the metal walls, which imploded inwards, sealing him in a coffin of steel.

Meryl turned to Snake.

“Snake. I want you.”

Her gun was pointing at David, who squatted on the floor, bleeding at the knee.

He stood up.

Snake’s fist slammed into Meryl’s cheekbone. Her soft skin parted under his sneaking gloves, wounding her with a streak of crimson. Hal screamed for help from the confines of the cubicle, but was slid out from under the crumpled cubicle door using Mantis’ willpower. Hal was levitated mid-air, and then once again thrown against the opposite-facing wall. He slowly collapsed.

“Meryl!” Snake shouted over the choir, even though she stood three feet away.

Her hand had forced the gun to her temple, and she trembled with fear.

“Help me” she uttered through her teeth. Her jaw was clamped shut.

She didn’t blink. She stared David in the face. This was pure fear. Fear of losing control, losing life, the end of everything. Not in a sick, dingy women’s bathroom. Please, no.

Vomit continued to creep from her lips, and and her eyes welled with tears. Her nose ran without sniffing. Her whole face disposed its of liquids, and a heavy smell of sweat joined between the two to create a wake-up call for David.

He panicked, and looked around. Anything to help him stop Mantis.

But it was too late. Meryl had already pulled the trigger.

The woman’s face was splattered against the tiled wall beside her. Meryl was dead.

Her body gave way, and she collapsed under her own weight, slipping in her own vomit. The blood surrounding her merged with her hair colour, and fluid trickled out from what was left of her mouth.

David looked on in shock.

The ground still shook, the voices still sang. Otacon had looked up after the sound of the bullet leaving the clip had echoed around the toilet room. He too was speechless, as chunks of flesh ricochet off the stained walls, sliding across the damp floor, colliding with shards of mirrored glass. He swallowed a small amount of his own sick.

Snake continued to stare at the fallen woman, Cambpell’s daughter, as he sat on his knees, one leaking blood. It didn’t mean anything to him. The pain was intense. A tendon could have been severed, but this meant nothing to him. Meryl was dead. One eye remained, and looked ahead blankly.

David was dragged by an invisible force by his feet, away from the rookie and through the toilet entrance. He could see Otacon notice him, struggling to process the recent turn of events. Snake grabbed hold of the door frame, but Mantis tugged at his achilles heel, forcing more blood to bubble from his suit’s cut. He was dragged through the hall, his cheek collecting the blood that his knee left behind and generating a disturbing squeaking sound of face against marble.

His head was lifted up, and he found himself standing in the empty hall. The elevator doors were still open. The Psycho pushed Snake’s knees into the stone floor, for him to kneel, followed by his forehead, which slammed into the hard stone. Snake grunted with lessened consciousness. Mantis repeated the trick, and Snake blacked out.