The Question Mark: Chapter 12


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Anyone who watches ‘Lost’ will be used to multiple-narrative stories, and this is where ‘The Question Mark’ splits off into a similar method of storytelling. Snake, Meryl and Otacon have all separated, meaning the story will jump between the three different characters’ situations. It’s a violent ride. Hang on in there.

Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, just select the chapter number you want to read below.


The Clean Torture Chamber

The light came to him. Bright white light. Peace.

Snake opened his heavy eyes.

The light was a stained green and yellow, intrusively forcing him to wake. It burnt at his sore face, blinding him, making him all too visible to those who stood before him.

Ocelot shook his left hand. Snake woke up.

The pain was excruciating. His crumpled fingers clicked and fell limp under Ocelot’s grip. A tight grip. The moustached man smiled from the corner of his mouth.

“Looks like you need an amputation… like me, Snake”.

Liquid was also in the room. But not Wolf, unlike before. Snake’s brother stood with a splint supporting his knee and a walking stick.

“Snake” Liquid sang intimidatingly.

“Are you awake? Ocelot, can he hear us?”

“Yes, Boss.”


Liquid’s cruel British accent creeped Snake out. Seeing Liquid standing next to Ocelot temporarily confused him. He was so used to them being one person that seeing them as two separate bodies was overwhelming. Would Ocelot really really replace his patched arm with Liquid’s?

“The guards found you unconscious in the middle of Wolf’s playground, Snake. I’m surprised she didn’t kill you.”

“Meryl, where is she?”

Ocelot turned to face away from Snake.

“Is that all they care about?”

“What happened to the others?” Liquid asked Ocelot.

“I killed them.” Snake spat.

Liquid walked up to Snake quickly, fuming that he had butted in on their conversation.

“Do you know?!”

“Boss…” Ocelot tried to calm David’s brother down.

“Ocelot, there’s no time for your tricks. This has all happened sooner than I expected. Put him in the cell. We’ll just deal with the girl ourselves.”

Shalashaska grunted in childish disappointment. He was eager to hurt Snake. Make him hurt. Make him hurt to an inch of his life.

“Don’t talk in front of him. We don’t want him to know too much.” Ocelot said slowly.

“Good thinking, friend.”

Snake was unclipped from the metal torture table and dragged on the ground, through the metal door by his broken hand. He screamed in agony, his voice breaking every few seconds. Ocelot and Liquid looked on at him with grimaces on their faces as Snake was locked into the jail cell.

Liquid and Ocelot left to leave one patrolling guard to keep Snake within his cell.

Snake’s codec didn’t ring. He tapped his ear, and for the first time in hours wished for there to be someone speaking to him through it,

Something was missing.

There was no rotting smell.

In fact, the room smelt nice.

There was no rotting corpse of the DARPA chief in the corner of the room.

“Get up.”

Eyes opened. A figure towered above, blurred.

“I won’t say it again.”

Meryl coughed across the floor. Her stomach hurt, and she wrapped her arms around herself as she continued to splutter.

She was lifted up by two hands and slammed against a metal wall. Her lungs collapsed, blowing her air across the room. She breathed in heavily and loudly as her lungs attempted to reclaim as much oxygen as possible.

“How much do you know?”

“I know that you currently hold Metal Gear REX underground, that your name is Liquid Snake and that you are a clone, brother to Solid Snake.”

“I don’t mean that.”

“Go to hell.”

“You first.”

Meryl kicked Liquid’s broken knee, hearing it crack under impact. He screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Meryl ran off towards the door in the dimly lit room. Locked. She took two steps back and ran at it, her upper arm banging hard against the metal.

Her arm bruised.

Her clothes had been taken from her. She wore a white vest and knickers.

These men are sick.

Snake’s brother was fully clothed, but had no walking stick with him. There was nothing on him that Meryl could use as a weapon. He was unarmed.

The doors would only slide open, but Meryl had no card key. She looked around. This was the only entrance and exit. The room was small, half the size of the women’s bathroom. Liquid squirmed on the floor, slamming his fist into his knee, clicking it back into place. He fell back onto the floor, expressing his pain through this mouth.

She rummaged around his pockets for a key. Nothing. They were locked in together from the outside.

The ventilation shafts.

There was a grated panel screwed into the ceiling. Too high.

It was the only way out.

She stood on Liquid Snake, feeling his lungs deflate beneath her bare feet. She pushed off his chest to jump up to the panel. Her fingers caught the blades that made up the grating. Her body hung in the air, feet dancing in the space around her. The blades dug into her fingers, creating paper-thin cuts at the joints. She held on with one arm and tried to unscrew one side of the grating with her other hand. The first screw fell out. The second wasn’t so easy. Her sweating hand slipped about on its surface.

Liquid stood up, putting his whole body-weight on one leg, grabbed Meryl’s shin and tore her from the ceiling. She fell downwards and hit the metal floor hard.

“That vent will get you nowhere” he walked around her in disgust. She gripped her bleeding hands, and stood up to face him.

“What do you want.” she spoke slowly through gritted teeth.

“Me? or we?” Liquid smirked pedantically.

Meryl didn’t answer, but breathed hard through her nose.

“Ok then Meryl, yes I know your name, I think it’s time you were totally open with me. If you tell me all you know, then I’m sure we can come to some agreement.”

“What kind of agreement?”

“A nice one.”

Meryl said nothing.

Liquid handed her a pot of hair wax. Meryl didn’t find the gesture amusing, unlike Liquid, who continued a disturbing smirk as he walked towards the door, banging it twice. It slid open.

“I’ll give you seven and a half minutes to think about it.”

He left the room and the door slid shut, locking behind him.