The Question Mark: Chapter 3


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It’s Sunday, so it’s time for a break, and another chapter of the Metal Gear Solid fanfiction. I’m pretty excited to posting the next few chapters, as this was the turning point that I really got into writing the story, and some parts get a little epic.


Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story.


The Fires of Shadow Moses

Snake found the C4 and approached the first guard. This man’s shoes where extremely loud against the concrete floor. In comparison to Snake, the man could have been a mile away and you’d still hear him. Snake tugged at his back, and grabbed his neck. The man struggled as he was pulled towards the hatch in the ground. Snake threw him in.

The codec rang in his ear still. Snake picked it up.


“Snake,” a British accent called through the static.


“I don’t know what you mean, brother.”

Colonel interrupted “Snake.”

Liquid’s line went dead.

“I sent a search team to Miller’s home.” There was a slight pause. “He’s dead”.

“Master Miller was just on the codec to me before you started speaking” Snake stated.

“That can’t be possible”, replied Colonel.

Snake went to speak “It’s…” but was interrupted.

“Decoy Octopus. The Master we’ve been talking to must be Decoy Octopus”.

“No… no it’s”

“Don’t underestimate him, Snake. He’s the master of disguise”.

“You’ve got it all wrong”.

“Snake, your main priority is to get to ArmsTech President Kenneth Baker. Get there now before it’s too late!”

Snake sighed, clicked off, and placed the C4 on the oddly-coloured wall. With a flick of the thumb, the wall blew open, revealing a hidden walkway to Baker.

Snake arrived soon enough to see Baker tied up, surrounded by trip wires.

But he was early.

The wires were still being fixed by Ocelot. He stood at the opposite end of the cubic room, reading some sort of map, while fixing the wires to nearby metallic pillars. Baker had already seen Snake, and stared expectingly at him, yet shook with fear.

Maybe Baker could be saved. The situation was different now.

“Ocelot!” shouted Snake, across the room.

A husky, deep, but wise voice began to chuckle. A wire fell to the ground, snapping back, barely missing Baker.

“The stage is set. Now watch closely”, stated Ocelot, slowly and clearly.

“They call me Revolver Ocelot”.

He began spinning his gun in an unearthly manner in his hand. If nanomachines weren’t responsible for this, then this man had talent. Shame that this special revolving trick would be short-lived. Frank Jaeger was somewhere nearby. But would he get here late?

Snake only had his knife.

And he threw it straight at Ocelot.

The man took a small step to the right, dodging the oncoming tool, but was relieved of his weapon as the blade of the knife collided with its grip.

Ocelot reached out in an attempt to reclaim his revolver, but was met with the blade of a Cyborg Ninja. A bare arm fell to the cold, steel grated floor. This was too early.

Yet for Baker, it was too late. Frank walked up to a wire, stretching the length of the room, pondered over its meaning for a minute, and poked it with his rusting finger.

Snake took cover.

The flames surrounded Snake, wrapping him in a tight blanket of smoke and heat. Unbearable heat. He screamed out in pain amongst the cries of agony from Baker and Ocelot, fire entering his mouth. Frank’s static laughter could be heard distorted in between the noise of scraping metal.

A contained explosion.

Four dead men.