LBP2 Has Limited Move Support

Mouse and keyboard input has been confirmed for Media Molecule’s PS3 super sequel LittleBig Planet 2 – but surprisingly only limited Move support. Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healy has said there will be a ‘taster’ of Move in the release with full functionality added at a later date.

“We’re really excited by giving the Move controller to the community,” Healy said, “We’re totally going to go to town on supporting that, but I don’t think we will have the full functionality at launch. There will be a taster, but it is something we are planning to do.”


“We’ve also added is keyboard and mouse support for the PS3, so you can draw things and navigate Pop-it with a mouse and stuff.”

Source: VG247 and NowGamer. Thanks for the NowGamer tip go to BunimoMike and the VG247 tip to Wotta – who wrote the article on VG247!