News Snatch: Rack N Ruin, Diablo III On PS4, GTA V Dogs And WWE 2K14

Greetings from the parched deserts of W1 in London, a place where lonely figures stumble through the blazing white heat in search of a thirst quenching Caramel ‘n’ Cream frappucino. Life here is harsh with the relentless sun making at least three old ladies sit down and exclaim that “It’s a bit hot!”


Unless of course you are sat in a lovely big air conditioned office, which I am, so onto the gaming news of which there is a bucket load today starting with a new project from ex-Blizzard chap, Tyler Hunter. His new indie studio will release Rack N Ruin in which you play Rack, a demonwizard and – yes, you guessed it – you ruin the world!

Word puns, such fun!

The first trailer has been released and it’s a bit of a Zelda / Gauntlet mash up and will be released on PC and iOS, perhaps @shahidkamal will persuade them to bring the game to Vita as well, go and pester him now it might work.

Staying with the toasty demon theme, Diablo 3 will not be launching on PlayStation 4 until 2014 as the team have just got their hands on dev kits.

The developers also revealed that no portable versions are planned (bah!) and they want to do something cool with the PS4’s trackpad and share buttons.

News reaches me that Deus Ex: The Fall was created by Nihilistic, the chaps behind the Resistance and COD games on PlayStation Vita.

Retailer X has sold out of day one launch consoles! Oh wait, Retailer X now has new stock! Now Retailer Y has sold out, boo! But what is this, they have new stock? Wowzers!

A cynic may suggest that they are ‘running out’ for a few days just to grab some headlines on websites across the globe and increase the frantic pre-ordering when they do get ‘new’ stock in.

But not me, obvs.

Microsoft have hinted that Family Sharing may return to the Xbox One. Marc Whitten, Corporate VP at Microsoft, told IGN:

“If it’s something that people are really excited about and want, we’re going to make sure that we find the right way to bring it back.”

The Saints Rov IV Government website has opened and you can vote on numerous laws for the city including ‘Clothing optional supermarkets’, ‘Free tattoo friday’ and ‘Pay what your clothes weigh. Clubs and amusements parks will now base their admission fee on the combined weight of your clothing.’

As you might have guessed most of the laws involve the removal of clothing.

The cast list for the game has also been released and includes Neil Patrick Harris as DJ Veteran Child, Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek The Next Generation) as Maero and somebody called Nolan North.

Angry Birds Star Wars II is a thing and features Skylander-ish telepods because you know, Angry Birds hasn’t made enough money just yet.

PC gamers can sign up for a free 72 hour trial of Defiance, however the trial starts as soon as you sign up so best to give it bash over a weekend. Click here for more details.

Exciting news about Grand Theft Auto V: You can customise your dog and each character will have their own walk animation! Woohooo!

As we deduced from the trailer, Mad Max will combine action both on foot and in his car, the Magnum Opus. Senior game designer, Peter Johansson, spoke to Silicon Era and explained the game was in pre-alpha and they were very excited about the title.

“I think, traditionally, these types of Max Max-like games have been shooters. There have also been vehicular elements, but they’ve either been separate or not as pronounced,” he said.

“But to us, this mix of vehicle combat, and on foot combat, each presented equally, plus a seamless transition between the two… I think that is going to be very, very unique.”

“In one moment you can be engaged in this car situations, you have people jumping onto of your vehicle, trying to pull you out, or maybe they manage to damage it, which pretty much forces you out… this combat is going to continue seamlessly.”

It appears Shahid Ahmad never stops working as he has managed to get approval for a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita ports of a current Kickstarter project, Leige.

If the game reaches a stretch goal of $52,000 then the PlayStation versions will be created, anyone who backs the project to the tune of $10 will get either the PS4 or PS Vita version on release.

The game currently has $31,000 in the bank with twelve days to go, for more information and to back to the game, click here.

The Last Of Us will arriving in LittleBigPlanet at the end of the month so cutesy Sack Clicker can eat the face of cutesy Sack Joel and Sack Ellie, awww!

And Finally, a very shouty bloke who has been playing with crayons wants you to pre-order WWE 2K14.



  1. The commercial is actually funny xD

  2. if you want to quote the Warrior, that snorting noise is actually written as “skronk”
    according to his comic.

    which is bloody mental.

    just google, spoony warrior, and watch the videos
    but keep some tissues handy for when your brain starts bleeding out your ears to escape the madness.

    i’m actually impressed the guy remained lucid long enough to film the ad.

  3. Dictionary definition: Video Game
    . an entertainment product which features voice work by Nolan North

  4. It’s also lovely to see a patch coming for LBP Karting that will allow you to use all of the sackboy costumes you bought for LBP and LBP2 in the more recent Karting game. :-)

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