UK Games Market Worth £3.78 Billion

A report by NewZoo has placed the UK video games market’s worth at a staggering £3.78 billion pounds.

So, out of that £3.78 billion, what section of the games market is earning the most amount of money?


It’s no surprise that consoles are the most popular format in the UK. £2.39 billion was spent on the console market compared to £740 million on the PC market. Game Portals, MMOs and Mobile games make up the rest of the cash. *

Compared to Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, the UK are just ahead in terms of overall market worth. None of the above come close to the US’s market worth of $25.29 billion…but then again they have a much greater population and this is isn’t a competition!

The report also lists the UK as having a gaming popluation of 31,300,000.

*Revenue breakdown:

  • Consoles & PC games: includes boxed products, digital distribution, second-hand.
  • Game portals: includes premium (casual) game downloads, subscriptions, micro-transactions.
  • MMOs: includes subscriptions, micro-transactions, client downloads and client boxed product.
  • Mobile: game downloads.