Election, UK Games Industry And Tax Breaks

The UK have just heard the news that the general election has ended with a hung Parliament. What does this mean for the UK games industry and the proposed tax breaks that were introduced earlier in the year?

If you’re interested in the ongoing story of tax breaks for the UK games industry then you’ll be pleased to hear that pro-gaming MPs have kept their seats.

  • Ed Vaizey – Conservative MP keeps his Wantage constituency
  • John Whittingdale – Conservative MP retains his seat
  • Don Foster – Liberal Democrat MP gains over 11% to keep his seat
  • Tom Watson – Labour MP and most vocal of the group in his support for the industry also returns to his constituency of West Bromwich East
  • Keith Vaz, an anti-games campaigner and Labour MP, also retained his seat.

Whilst nothing will get decided all the while the Parliament faces an uncertain future, it’s a hopeful sign that tax relief for games will still be represented by those above.

Thanks, GI.biz