UK Retail Stats Show Numbers Of Consoles And Software Sold In 2013

Almost 3 million dedicated gaming consoles were sold in the UK last year. That’s a 4% increase over 2012, with a 38% revenue increase, presumably due to the price of the new generation consoles.

Of those consoles, the PS4 sold 530,000 units while the Xbox One managed 364,000. The 3DS family was well ahead, although there’s no exact numbers for these systems.


In terms of software, Xbox 360 games dominated the market in terms of units, followed by PS3, PC and 3DS titles. EA were the biggest publisher, followed by Take-Two, due to Grand Theft Auto V, which sold a staggering 3.67 million units in the UK alone – about one million over its closest rival, FIFA 14. A total of 34.5 million games were sold on disc.

Xbox 360 wireless game pads were the biggest selling accessories of the year, followed by the DualShock 4 and then many other headsets and third part controllers, while Kinect returned the most value, due to its high price and popularity.

Overall, it was a great year for the UK games industry. We’ve included some of the tables in the gallery above – including the top 100 selling games – but MCV have the full run down of everything from software to accessories to consoles.



  1. Interesting. More Wii U sold than Vita too.

    • But more Ps4 software sold in one month than wii u in 12.

      • Doh! Just realised I was looking at software chart anyway!

    • Don’t know about Wii U users but I buy 100% of my Vita software digitally and I think that’s quite typical from what I’ve heard. I buy a lot too.

      • The e-Store is very expensive and as the console is disk based I doubt many users buy digital exclusively on Wii U (if at all!).

        I’m the same as you on my vita, mostly digital.

  2. I’m surprised to see the PC doing so well, considering probably 90% of its software sales are digital downloads, rather than the physical boxes listed here. It would be nice if they could give numbers that included downloads as well, as it would give a much more accurate picture imo as personally, all my Vita and PC games are downloads and 33% of my PS4 are too..

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