Killzone 3: 4 Player Co-Op & Vehicles

More rumours are surfacing regarding Killzone 3. A source has been sneaking news to CVG and says that there will be multiple online co-op modes.

“Guerilla is working on a standard two-player, co-op – as you’d expect – but there’s also an objective-based separate four-player co-op mode in the works, too,” said the mysterious source.

“I’ve also been told that there will be vehicles in the online multiplayer – but I haven’t seen that for myself yet.”

It sounds like Guerrilla are really pulling out all the stops for Killzone 3 if all the rumours are true, and as a fan of Killzone 2 I can’t wait to get my paws on the game. Unfortunately it looks like the release date is May 2011, a whole year away.