Killzone 3 Controls Will Have Less Lag

Addressing one of the most contentious topics about Killzone 2 – the fact that its control mechanism was somewhat heavier than other more snappier FPSs – Guerrilla Games’ Senior Producer Steven Ter Heide has confirmed that the controls of Killzone 3 will be “improved” and have “less lag.”

Speaking to the now bearded Jeff Rubenstein (looks good Jeff, we approve), Ter Heide references the infamous corrective patch released post-launch of Killzone 2 that went someway to reduce some of the delay and perceived heftiness of the game’s weapons. For Killzone 3, however, the Dutch studio plans to “improve” the experience even further. He said:


“We felt that the responsiveness, the lag, we could improve that. We remedied most of that with the patch, but for Killzone 3 we’re taking it even further.”

The interview also reveals just when Killzone 3 started development (pretty much immediately after Killzone 2), the improved cover mechanic available and the new brutal melee system; something seen in the recent video footage that snuck on to the web recently.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog