The Question Mark: Chapter 26

The Bomb

Previously: Snake has travelled back in time to Shadow Moses Island. Mei Ling sent a distress call to Snake telling him there was something wrong with the Colonel on the sub, and that Nastasha had been murdered. Snake now knows there’s a mole on the sub, Naomi, who just shot the Colonel.

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Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story.

The Bomb

“Stay the hell back or I swear I will shoot this gun at whoever moves.”

Naomi stood above the warm body of Colonel Campbel, surrounded by Mei Ling and other crew members. Mei Ling’s mascara began to run from her eyes as she looked her friend, her gaze returned with the end barrel of a pistol. No-one knew the dead father’s daughter had ran from a murderer, bones broken, screaming, unheard, stabbed. She had held onto his memory in her final moments.

Naomi looked at Mei Ling with pity as the woman’s neck swelled, containing a discreet weep.

“Don’t cry.”

Naomi pulled back the hammer of the gun and shook her arm towards Mei Ling.

“Don’t you bloody cry!”

Mei Ling looked up at the underwater metal coffin. It’s walls creaked as the ocean around it screamed to get in.

“There’s a bomb somewhere on this vessel”. Naomi stated.
“I hope everybody’s listening.”

The crew all stood round. Their un-made plans of overpowering the woman in an attempt to regain control of the submarine were instantly unsettled.

“When the time is right, that bomb will be activated.”

“Why are you doing this?” Mei Ling cried.

Naomi didn’t reply.

“Answer me!” she screamed.

There was no response but the groaning of pressurised metal.

“Tell us where it is” one crew member walked forward.

Naomi raised her weapon and shot a bullet through the man’s chest. His face hit the grated floor hard. Mei Ling screamed.

Everyone went silent and stared at Naomi.

“Back up.” she stated quietly, but forcefully.
Everyone ushered backwards, against walls, through the doors, into corners.

Mei Ling sat on the wet floor, trembling in shock. She couldn’t move.

“Mei Ling…” Naomi redirected her aim back at her friend.

Naomi’s ear crackled static. She held her finger against it as she watched the others staring back at her in fear. There was a temporary pause.

“Ok. Tell him I love him.”

Naomi slowly lowered her hand down to her pocket, unveiling a small metal trigger device. Her eyes watered as she looked around her at all the innocent men and women she would be murdering. The families that would suffer. Children without a father, without a mother. They would be fed a cover story, believing for their entire lives until their deathbed that their parents died in medically-related illnesses, local police casualties; anything but the truth. Just one little button. A simple action.

A tear fell down her cheek, and she sniffed in worry and doubt. Mei Ling slowly stood up, keeping her eyes fixed on Naomi’s. They looked at each other in sorrow and emotional pain as Mei Ling moved towards Naomi until they both leant their heads forward, touching in a comforting relief. Mei Ling brought Naomi’s hand up and held it as they cried together.

“You don’t have to do this” Mei Ling whispered.

Naomi’s tears began to stream as she trembled along with her friend, Mei Ling. Her head nodded slowly, then faster, then frantically as the thought raced through her mind.

Her polished nail pressed down on the small button. The submarine shook.

The vessel swam gracefully past a quiet island, drifting into the calm blue of the never-ending ocean. The waves far above cast rippled light on the hull of the submarine, dancing in beauty, scattering to and fro across the smooth plated metal in patterns visible to no one but nature herself.

A glorious flash of light appeared at the structure’s rear, swallowing in the soft water surrounding it, imploding on itself. The submarine span off on a tilt, observing the world from an angle, turning slowly without care through the open waters. A heavenly glow lit moving debris, allowing it to leave the vessel in slow splendour.

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