PlayView Probably Not PSP2

This morning CVG posted what we think is a, frankly, ridiculous story about the recently trademarked “PlayView” being the new name for PSP2.

We can’t confirm or deny anything and if CVG’s speculative stab at what the name might mean turns out to be correct we’ll eat all the humble pie they can ship to us. However, we’re of the opinion that PlayView might actually turn out to be the US version of PlayTV, the free-to-air television service which has been available in PAL territories for a while now.


We’re not entirely sure where the mention of ebooks fits in to all of this (ebooks on TV, Digital Comics via PlayTV?) but perhaps E3 will provide some firm answers and a bit more information.

We can only hope that, regardless of the name issues, the US gets its version of PlayTV because that service is quite brilliant.