New PS3 Models Outed

Just days before E3 and it looks like Sony have had new models of the PlayStation 3 outed by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

As reported by Engadget, the FCC have recently tested 4 new PS3 models:


The first two models on that list both feature 802.11b/g WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR but, as you can see below the table, differ in the type of HDD. The last two units – the “Debugging Stations” – are of particular interest, as Engadget points out, as these are typically only needed when the motherboard’s chips have been changed.

We’ve already asked whether or not Sony have anything else left to reveal at E3 and, if this information is anything to go by, Sony may have just had another ‘secret’ revealed.

Source: Engadget



  1. Maybe a new set of consoles that are cheaper to make, and maybe cheeper to sell. Cool!

    • I dont know if a cheaper console to make would necessarily mean it sells cheaper, usually the price wouldn’t change much, just means that Sony make back their investment in the console a little quicker

      • yea i guess, but the price on the slims came down abit, so you never kno. Sony may be going for the install base, making that bigger, then gather money in through add-ons (PSN+, pads, headset ect) and games

      • SONy are trying to push the install base as much as possible, any significant cut in manufacturing will cause a price drop for the consumer.

  2. There are rumours of price drops to around the $199 mark; cheaper parts may have something to do with this and would mean new models.

    • £135.64 for a PS3!?!? are you sure? If so, im slighty less worried about my Launch day 60gb going pop

      • A price is deffo due its been neaRLy a year since the last 1 but it wnt be for £135 it would be more like £199 i cant see sont knockin off ove £100 in 1 go

      • The price conversion in the UK is never equal. Would definately be closer to £199

  3. Entry model Slim 60GB I reckon….

    £179.99 with Agent….

    World would literally burst into flames…

  4. PS3 Slim Slim?

  5. Ps3 size zero maybe?

    • So slim it’ll make your daughters bulimic!

  6. A usb port on the back?

  7. This could be a new slim model thats cheaper + has lower running costs. Could be part of a big price drop thats announced at E3.

  8. Wild speculation time:
    Maybe it’s the PS4, but they submitted it as a PS3 because they knew it would get leaked! :D

    More seriously, I hope new slims are not out for a while because we only just got a new one (making sure it was the 40nm model).

    • The earlier they start to produce the new ones, the more money they save. They need it immediately.

  9. I reckon it’s just revisions to the hardware to make it cheaper to make?

  10. Have they not just started shipping models with 40nm processors? How many hardware changes have there been this year? Been at least 3 now

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