Killzone 3 Gameplay Trailer

You can’t fault Sony – Killzone 3 looks like it’s going to appeal directly to the hardcore Killzone fans. Crashed dropships, camping Helghasts and snow that’d make even Drake shiver.

This brand new trailer, released onto GameTrailers minutes ago, shows off the new melee moves, the jetpacks and at least one ridiculously massive gun.  Pretty much exactly what we wanted, then.




  1. I imagine that controlling the jetpack with the Move controllers would be quite good.

  2. That’s simply amazing… Just wow…

  3. what a truly great way to start the day :D
    that was AWESOME!!!

  4. Was that Rico geting hit by a falling plane at the end? Bloody hope so!

    Brilliant trailer, anyone who knows me knows how much i anticipate this game, and Final Fantasy.

    • Sadly not, it’s Sev. He’d just been shooting lots of rockets at that ship with the WASP. I know this from the video in the background of that interview a week or so back.

      • You know something, that WASP act remarkably similar to the secondary fire of the LAARK in Resistance 2.

  5. Looks excellent

  6. errr…WOW.

  7. Woah. This game will be a definite record breaker; Sales, and probably a 100% scores.
    In my opinion, KZ2 was a lot better than MW2, in every aspect, so KZ3 will truly be immense.
    Oh, and that thing called 3d, that should be quite good with KZ3 too.

  8. That water and snow looked amazing! I have every faith in GG they can improve on the awesomeness that was Killzone 2.

  9. Looks awesome :D
    can’t wait

  10. Nice to see killzone 3 but E3 will be a wash with resistance3

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