Killzone 3 Gameplay Trailer

You can’t fault Sony – Killzone 3 looks like it’s going to appeal directly to the hardcore Killzone fans. Crashed dropships, camping Helghasts and snow that’d make even Drake shiver.

This brand new trailer, released onto GameTrailers minutes ago, shows off the new melee moves, the jetpacks and at least one ridiculously massive gun.  Pretty much exactly what we wanted, then.




  1. Where the hell are these 2 huge announcements? These 2 trailers better not be them. They’re hardly announcements, and the morning has officially ended. Either they’re late in delivering, or the ‘huge’ news was extremely dissapointing.

  2. Looks great, I know the singleplayer will only have limited appeal with me, I hope we get to see some multiplayer during E3, will be interesting to see if they employ a cover mechanism this time around.

    I understand why the skip it in multiplayer but Uncharted 2 showed cover can work.

  3. looks awesome :)

    melee combat looks improved, the kz2 melee was a bit cluncky but the knife was class, hope they keep that

    also can u actualy carry two primary weapons now??

    jetpack looks fun

    hope they keep multiplayer the same, its brilliant now.

  4. Teaser, fair enough. But I think they should have saved this for E3.

  5. Very cool trailer, I like! Gonna get this without hesitation, release date?

  6. Drool… on MY KEYBOARD. What happened!?
    (3 hours of cleaning drool later)
    By the way, have you seen that Sev has a into cover animation now (I’m not sure he didn’t have that in the 2nd one)

  7. I’m actually not that impressed…

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