The Agency PvP Trailer

The irony of a game about spies going dark and never been heard from again isn’t lost on us. SOE’s The Agency, an MMO for the PS3 and PC where players get to join one of two factions and engage in espionage against one another, has been something of an enigma since it was announced all those moons ago. Rumours of it being vaporware – and then cancelled outright – have plagued the title pretty much since its inception, with many people wondering just what was going on over at the San Diego based developer.

Well, here’s the E3 2010 PvP trailer to prove the game is still very much happening.


Looks good. Fast-paced action with some vibrant visuals and the expected gamut of gadgets and weaponry on show. If they can get the tone and appeal of being a covert agent down, this could be one disgruntled spy that ends up defecting and delivering the goods.

Source: IGN



  1. Looking pretty good so far. May be a MMO I’m interested in.

  2. Well it looks pretty interesting. It’s a sad marker of the times when to be safe they have top do a launch trailer full of shooting but given it is a game about espionage I trust there will be stealth in some form. Graphics could be better given its a PS3 exclusive but not bad.

  3. I’ve been interested in this since the EDGE feature way back when and was hoping it hadn’t joined Duke Nukem for drinks in the vapourware saloon.

    Nice artstyle, looks like NOLF meets Uncharted. It’s gonna need some strong USP’s though to stand out though. (crosses fingers).

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