The Question Mark: Chapter 28

Previously: Snake has travelled back in time to Shadow Moses Island. Snake has been captured, not knowing Meryl is dead. His backup in the sub has been destroyed, and he now faces whatever judgement Vamp, Decoy Octopus, Psycho Mantis, Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot have for him.

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Disclaimer: This story contains violent scenes that some younger readers may find disturbing. Many chapters contain detailed scenes of gore and peril. If you haven’t played the Metal Gear series, there will be spoilers in this story.

A Moment in Time


“Snake. Wake up.”

David looked around. He was strapped to a chair, facing a window. Metal Gear REX stared at him through the bulletproof glass. Ocelot walked in front of him.

“You look old, Snake.”

David looked at Ocelot in the face. Small wrinkles were appearing around his eyes, nose and mouth too. Vamp moved to his right. A tiny red circle had appeared on his head where he had once been shot.

“You won’t be able to use REX. There’s a trick to the key.” Snake murmured.

“Which I already know.” Ocelot retorted.

“But you don’t have the actual key.”

“You mean this?” Ocelot held up a tiny, thin card.
“The one you’ve been carrying around all this time is a fake.”

David was exhausted. Everyone who had helped him was dead. Murdered. His need to find Meryl and Otacon was building by the second.
Liquid walked in slowly.

“Are we going to move this piece of cold metal to Arsenal then?” he asked Ocelot.

Ocelot paused and looked at the ground. He spoke quietly, as though his only intention of speaking was to allow a higher power to confirm it as the right thing to do.

“I don’t care what they said. Never again.”

Ocelot raised a loaded gun to Snake’s brother. He shot Liquid dead.

“Shalashaska!” Mantis shouted. Everyone in the room was in shock, including Ocelot.

“You can’t change fate!”

“I just did.” Ocelot’s voice was cold and blunt.

Everyone looked at each other.

“Load the car. We’re moving.”

The low rumble of water was playing through Snake’s ear. Everyone who had brought him to the island was dead. Everyone he had come to rescue was dead.

Flashes of the gravestone. It’s said that your life flashes in front of your eyes before you die. Irony, Snake thought.

Snake was punched back into conscious thought. Ocelot had hauled Snake’s stumbling body onto the back of the vehicle.

“Vamp. Sort REX.” Ocelot ordered.

Vamp turned on his heel and ran back through the door.

“Where’s Otacon?” Snake mumbled to Decoy Octopus, who stood next to the car along with Psycho Mantis and Revolver Ocelot.

“The scientist is dead.” Octopus leaned over.

“Don’t handcuff him. He’ll only be a hero. Oh, and for that matter, forget knocking him out” Ocelot spoke. The one-armed man whipped out a pistol and span it between his five remaining digits before shooting a bullet into both of David’s kneecaps.

David screamed out in pain. He would have been used to the constant stream of pain by now, but his greying hair and rapidly aging skin was already making his body weak to light bumps, with bruises all across his face and chest.

“Don’t worry Snake. It’ll all be over soon.” Ocelot affirmed.

People moved around Snake in slow motion. His world was slowing down. His body had taken enough. Decoy Octopus ran back towards the hanger leaving Ocelot starting up the van as Mantis sat next to Snake, listening to his thoughts. They were blank.

The cold, orange lit tunnel ahead was the exit, and the vehicle slowly began moving, each light burning a bright glow into David’s eyes.

“Snake. Snake, listen to my voice.”

Wind blew David’s greying hair. He heard no voice. It was echoing though his head. He pushed a button on his suit, but no-one from his codec answered. Radio silence.

“Snake. I know you can hear me. Don’t react. We can’t change these events any more than what they have already.”

Images flashed in his face. The island from the sky, Meryl’s death, shooting the real DARPA Chief, shooting himself, the mad Colonel, Gray Fox crying… his feet hit the floor.

They sank softly into the snow as Snake stood outside the helipad, as though he’d never entered the building. The helicopter took off in front as Liquid left. Guards walked around in circles, monitoring the perimeter.


A calm voice spoke his name to the right. It was different from the other guards. He walked through the blizzard towards him in a tuxedo, so smart, so clean, so welcoming. He stopped in front of Snake with a smile on his face. Snake’s body was young again, and he stood bolt upright with strong energy. He couldn’t remember this man though. Of all the people he’d met in his life, this man was not one of them.

“Who are you?”

“David. You are not here. This is not the past.”

“What do you mean?”

The man cleared his throat.

“This face is what I would have looked like had I not torched my own village as a child.”

David knew who he was seeing.

“You are currently unconscious, weak and broken in the back of a van, ready to be driven to your death. You really don’t understand how close we are to the end.”

“What?” Snake took a step forward.

“But we have all the time we need. This scenario is being implanted in your memory. To you, this vision will flash by in a second. To us here, it could last much longer.”

There was a pause.

“So, I’d like to start by taking you back to the conversation we had in the Commander’s room.”

The world flashed around Snake. Events rushed by the world, slowly concealed by wooden panels. The floor flashed various colours before a large carpet was laid on top. A desk appeared to his left, and book cases fell into place. Lastly, the image of Snake, Meryl and Otacon leaning over Mantis was placed by the desk. None of them could see him. None of them were moving. The event hadn’t started. The sound of memories faded and the world was still.

“The tenth moment.”

The suited Mantis next to Snake coughed lightly.

“Do you remember what I said during this moment?” Mantis questioned.

“You said Otacon shouldn’t be here. You said I shouldn’t change any more events.”

“And yet you would.”

Snake seemed confused. Like everything before this, nothing was making sense, and the more he understood the situation around him, the less he knew the truth. The first question that came to mind fell out of his lips like one of many drops of water from a dripping tap.

“If you could see my future, then why tell me something that wouldn’t make any difference?”


  1. I’m confused now. Otacon is dead, Liquid is dead and Snake seeing mantis, I presume, talking to him in a vision. What’s going on here?

    • Er…. i think its abit like lost…

    • You’ve got it spot on, Bigal. :)

  2. “Snake seemed confused. Like everything before this, nothing was making sense” Im With Snake here, i was understanding every chapter so far, but now this one has just confused me completely…help?

    • Everyone on the sub is dead.
      Snake is with the people in the pic above.
      Liquid’s come back from killing Meryl.
      Ocelot kills Liquid.
      Ocelot tells Vamp to sort REX while they leave.
      Octopus ran in the same direction.
      Mantis sat with Snake as Ocelot drove them out.

      Mantis is now talking to Snake in a vision to make everything clear.
      Questions get answered next chapter.

      • i see, thanks. This is brilliant stuff by the way.

      • great read BioEye.

  3. Ooh I do love this. Excellent work sir!

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